Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why R?

I am afraid that analysing the data from the Lancet study on Iraqui mortality is not an appealing reason for changing to R. But how about presenting a cool graph instead of a boring table of regression results?

Thanks to Andrew Gelman (the brilliant statistician, blogger and passionate R user).


Na Prática said...

I am an R user as well, and I would encourage anyone with an interest in statistics to give it a try.

But we should be aware that open source software has its drawbacks: whenever something goes wrong, you have to rely on the helplists to find out what happened, and sometimes the number of people doing the same thing you are doing (who might have come across the same problem) is small.

By the way, I always heard that economists (unlike social scientists or bioscientists)using R were rare because it did not have great packages for time series, is that true?

Leonardo Monasterio said...

I don't do time series, but I've heard the same.

BTW, my experience with help-lists has been quite positive (maybe because I just to the basic stuff)