Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My presentation at the Spatial Econometrics Conference 2007

The powerpoint presentation of the paper "SPATIAL DYNAMICS OF ECONOMIC
GROWTH IN BRAZIL (1970-2000):AN EMPIRICAL APPROACH" (with Martin Brauch) is available here. (Just drop me an e-mail if you want the full version of the paper).


Moe said...


I saw your presentation and just wanted to know if the income per capita by municipality (see page 3) is observed (I have seen some research where it is estimated, departing from subnational state, distance and other variables). If so, congratulations for the data collection.

Leonardo Monasterio said...

Hi Moe,

The municipal data is available here. This is census data, and its quality is pretty good:

You can download the shapefile at the IBGE website:

(Remember to download the 1997 shapefile)
you should take a look at the IPEADATA website as well: