Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poll: the best title for an Economics paper

I came across "Poor, Hungry and Stupid: Numeracy and the Impact of High Food Prices in Industrializing Britain, 1780-1850" and it remind me the role of a good title. A title that forces you to read the whole paper. From the top of my mind, I suggest two contestants: "I just ran two million regressions" and "Das Human Kapital". Any suggestion?

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Benjamin Guilbert said...

I have personal liking for "The market for lemons". A few years ago I was meant to present that paper to my Econ 301 class, I was of course well aware of what the article was about hidden quality, lemons in California. So I presented the paper and its implication, but I was surprised that at the end the prof asked if I had actually read the paper... Of course I hadn't. As a result, all my examples were about citrus, I just hadn't got the slang. So, Market for Lemon is my #1, for its trickiness.