Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ideapad S10 e Ubuntu Netbook Remix

One month ago I bought a Lenovo Ideapad S10. Beautiful, light, small, and fast. I am a very happy owner. The obvious limitations are the size of the screen and keyboard. They are perfect for smurfs, but normal human beings suffer a lot after 3 hours of use.
It came with Windows XP so I was not in a hurry to run Ubuntu. Yesterday, I took a break and installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix, ie, Ubuntu for tiny notebooks. It is perfect and almost solves the screen issue.


Joe said...

Hi, I have an S10 and was interested in installing the Remix on my machine. Did you run into any problems during installation?

Leonardo Monasterio said...

No problem whatsoever (as far as I remember). I am quite a newbie in the ubuntu trade, so I think that the same will happen to you.
Good luck!

Aleksandr said...

I'll try to install Remix on my S10 as well. Also might try moblin and Jolicloud when it become available.

Regarding S10 - loves this netbook. The only thing I don't like is right and left mouse buttons. They are metallic and kind of hard to press. I wonder if I can put mouse buttons that are on my T61, those are great. Thanks for the video!

David "Charles" Ruiz said...

I just flushed Xp in favor of UNR but I noticed streaming video is a bit choppy (specifically when in fullscreen mode). do you have this problem?