Monday, June 30, 2008

Montesquieu against Jared Diamond

Guns, germs and steel? No. Ideas were the key of western domination of the Americas:

"Can it be said that this destruction, the greatest history has ever known, was only a simple effect of the ignorance of a principle of philosophy? It can, and I am going to prove it."

Montesquieu in The Motives That Ought to Encourage Us to the Sciences

(I recommend the whole paper.)

via aldaily.

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Javier L. Arnaut said...

Great article, nice translation... I can't imagine Monstesquieu arguing with Alexis de Tocqueville, Durkheim, Weber or with the recent wackos Jared Diamond, David Landes and Greg Clark, it would have been crazy.

But who would've thought that the propable correct answer to eternal question of world development was made 250 years ago. Keep posting interesting links.

Regards, Jav Arnaut.