Friday, October 26, 2007

World Congress of RSAI - Reminder

Deadline approaching for the 2008 World Congress of RSAI in Brazil

Submit your paper at

The 8th World Congress of RSAI will be organized by the Brazilian Regional Science Association (ABER – Associação Brasileira de Estudos Regionais) and will be hosted by the Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting of the University of São Paulo, Brazil (, on March 17-19, 2008.

It will have the same format as the regular RSA meetings, with regular sessions, R-sessions, panels, etc.

Papers from all fields in regional science are welcome.

Submit your paper at

RSAI World Congress 2008 Local Organizing Committee


Paulo said...


very nice blog

My paper got accepted in this conference. However, very likely it is my co-author who will present it since I am between jobs and dont have any funding.

I am really new in doing Spatial Econometrics so could you tell me if it is a good conference?


Leonardo Monasterio said...

Dear Paulo,
I strongly recommend attending the conference. I've never been to World RSAI, just European and N American conferences, and it is always an amazing experience.
The quality of the papers is somewhat diverse, but it is great attend the talks of many of the authors that I usually cite.

Paulo said...

Thanks for the advise but I am also living in the UK and, without funding, Brazil is a bit far from my budget.

believe me I would love to go to the conference. I presented the paper at LACEA but none of the audience understood what spatial econometrics is so comments were not very helpful.

I got one comment asking me to include time series correlation because I use data for 11 years. No matter that I have 24 cross sections.

Paulo said...

by the way, what is an r-session?

Leonardo Monasterio said...

R-Session is a refereed session.

Do not worry: at RSAI conference people do now what spatial econometrics is...:-)