Monday, April 30, 2007

New Economy Geography Textbooks

  • Krugman, Venables and Fujita. The Spatial Economy: It a great book, so people say. Unfortunately I can not understand it. File under "books that I pretend to have read".
  • Fujita and Thisse. Economics of Agglomeration: Easier than Spatial Economy, but still too technical for my limited mathematical skills. Also, it is not really comprehensive and it doesn't cover the NEG empirical issues.
  • Baldwin et al. Economic Geography and Public Policy: Impressive book. They simplify New Economic Geography models, making them tractable and able to shed lights on public policy issues.
  • Brakman et al. An Introduction to Geographical Economics: Perfect. Not too demanding, not too simple. Comprehensive, it elegantly covers theory and empirics of NEG. It should be the first step to anyone interested in New Economic Geography. Highly recommended.